G’Day! My name is Jason Rebello aka The Migrant Ninja.

A Migrant myself, I moved to Australia with my family in 2014.

During our ‘settling-in’ phase we have faced our fair share of challenges and had a hard time figuring out the basics of settling down in Australia.

Although there is a wealth of information available out there I found that it was too scattered. Additionally, the material available was either from Government websites, Migration Agents, placement agencies or the likes. What was missing was a personal viewpoint in a concise location for ease of reference. This thought has been the genesis of the website and the books.

This website and the all the material created is a result of all my research over the last few years as well as interviews with industry experts and as fellow migrants like you or me.

Please download the free eBooks and visit the online store to purchase the eBooks which I am positive will add a lot of value to your move down under.

If there is any specific topic you would be interested in then please do drop in an email and I shall consider adding it in my next blog post or eBook.

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Yours Aye!

A Fellow Migrant