S​ydney - A Migrant's Essential City Guide

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This book is packed with content aimed to help migrant's make the move to Sydney and settle down with ease . It contains invaluable information on an array of topics including:

- Sydney Suburbs Profile
- Tips on Renting
- Phones and Internet
- Utilities (Gas and Electricity)
- Crime Rates in Suburbs
- Commuting in Sydney
- Buying a Car
- Schooling & School Terms
- Child Care
- Health Care
- Bulk Billing
- Private Health Insurance
- Centrelink
- Community Resources
- Places of Worship
- Jobs
- Taxation
- Recreation and Entertainment
- Grocery shopping....And much more

This book is the need of the hour. Pack this book above all else if you intend to live in Sydney - Nizel D'souza (Migrated to Sydney 2015)