Sample Australian Resume with Explanatory Notes

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Did you know that most employers and hiring agencies typically decide within 10 seconds whether your resume is worth a second glance?

Does your resume have an impressive opening that will grab the reader's attention in those crucial 10 seconds?

Chances are most probably not!

It's not easy to advertise and market ourselves, but it's something you need to master if you want to get your foot in the door. As a newly arrived migrant with no ‘local’ experience, the odds are stacked high against you to start with, and the only way you can grab the attention of a prospective employer is by having a compelling and eye-catching resume.

Every country has its own recruitment procedure, and more often than not, what works in one country will not work in another. You may have the necessary skill set, but if you are not able to present it in a customary manner in Australia, chances are you will have to wait for a considerable amount of time for the interview call.

A resume that works in India may not work in China and what works in either country is not likely to work in Australia. This sample resume will give you an introduction to what works in Australia, and what does not.

This PDF (which forms a part of the book Aussie Migrant: Jobs) will provide you with some guidelines on writing an "Australian Ready' Resume.